Monday, September 2, 2013

Wingin' It!

I totally fell in love with this bed and maybe coveted it just a little.
And then there's this one:
Don't you just love those cute wings. They're just sitting there wanting to protect your little head from falling off the bed and rolling out the door. Pretty sure i needed those. yup, pretty sure! The only problem is the same as always, money! So silly me, I decided I could make me that winged marvel. Do me a favor and shoot me in the foot the next time I think something so irrational, would ya?

I've had this winged bed on my radar for so long. Ok, actually I've been working on this project so long.  Summer has too much going on to work on things like this, right? I started the beginning of  June. Finished on Labor Day. Seems to be the way I do things!

I found this headboard on ksl and thought it would be a great base. Sounds good, right?

Well, ya, right! Nothing is ever as easy as it sounds. I tried to mark all those crazy tufts mathematically but it just wasn't working. Thank heavens Cara got home and I whined loud enough she came to my rescue. We stayed up way too late but booyah, we conquered! 

And that was the end of the story til summer wore off and all the entertainment moved back to Nebraska. After some real sweat and tears (no tears, just sweat) and mashed fingers, and tight spaces and cussing and re-evaluating and trying again, I finally got 'er done. 
The room is kinda small to get a good picture. But a couple more projects and I'll give you a tour of the room. Cus see those cute chevrons peeking in above the bed? Oh, baby, You just wait!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

2 Games 5 Quart Jars

Somebody who fell down the stairs empty handed two days ago 
probably shouldn't attempt to carry 
2 games and 5 glass quart jars 

down the stairs, 
all in one trip.
But don't fear...
I made it!
No broken bones! 
No broken glass!
No scattered games!

But the other night...
I thought for sure my arm was broken.
The kind that makes you sick
In and out of consciousness sick
But lucky me
Just a little sore and getting better every day
Still a clutz
Nothing new...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

#toodamncold #toodamnlong

If you know me, you know I am a summer gal. 
100 happy degrees makes me smile. 
Hate the end of summer. 
Hate that everyone thinks it's the perfect season 
when in reality there's only a good day here and there and the rest are cold. 
Not  perfect.
I can approve a nice snowstorm. In December. Close to Christmas
 I can do Spring. Not too bad
Heaven! Hot, hot,  heaven!

Did you know right now this winter is the 3rd coldest since they've been keeping records. 
3rd coldest in... like... forever.
We've had 2 days above freezing. 
That means 21 days of freezing.
21 out of 23
In case you can't tell...
I don't like it!
Too damn cold! Too damn long!

Friday, January 11, 2013

What's A GiRL to Do?

Do you ever find yourself in a predicament?
Ya - me neither.
Wait - my life IS a predicament!

Like... yesterday when I dropped my carefully counted out nickels for the daily diet dp and a couple rolled way back into outer pergatory under the pop machine. Ya! See? What's a girl to do?  I mean, I had already filled the ole big gulp. In fact a couple. One for me, one for a friend. Then the nickel mishap. Can't really go without at that point.
Thank goodness for friends, right!

I'm off track. Tonight's predicament begins as I find myself the only one left at work on this Friday night. Yeah - I know. It's pathetic. You are all somewhere with your honeys and kiddos and I'm at work. But I'm ok with it. I love W-2s, right? Wait - I'm off track again.

I traveled out into the fine winter storm and succumbered me a mighty fine delectable chicken enchilada from the neighboring Ricardos. Cus it's Friday. And I'm alone. At work. I deserve it, right!!! Enchilada. Chips. Salsa. Fork? Where's the fork? You must be kidding me - no fork?

You see, we are not 'allowed' to EaT in our lovely beautiful large windowed fantabulous office. But due to the fact that the lunch room is 2 floors below in the cold dark dungeon, and oh, did I mention that I am here ALoNe? On a Friday night. At work. On a cold, dark, snowy winter night. So I was sneaking my fabulous enchilada dinner right here at my desk. But no fork.

So I did it. I talked myself into going down to the 2 floors below dungeon kitchen to get me a fork.
I did, I really did talk myself into it.
Until. I. open. the. door. and. the. light. that. was. ON! when. I. came. in. two. minutes. ago. was. now. off.
Off? How does that happen when you're the only one there?
How, I ask you?

Done deal. Not going after a fork. Great - 'Now what?' says the molten cheesey enchilada sitting at my desk. Well of course there are no forks in any of our desks, because remember we are not 'allowed' food in our fine habitation. Shiz. I could try eating it like Jada did her cake at the wedding with no hands and just sticking her face in it. Ahhh! There has to be something forklike in here...

So there you have it. One of those plastic file label thingies. Yup - works as a fork. And a knife. 2 enchilada proof. And now I'll end this very poorly sentenced ridiculous blog post. That's what a girl's to do.

PS - Just realized the home teachers were coming tonight. Oops!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

This is what I did this summer (a house update)

So you remember how when you went back to school and your teacher had you write 'This is what I did this summer'? Well, that is what this post is: an update on the never-ending house update saga. It used to be that I hated to even come home, because I couldn't see how I could ever afford the revamp that my little hacienda needed and it made me so so so sad. Well, I probably will never be able to afford it, but we were able to do a few fun things at a great price, so if you wanna follow along with chapter 1, here we go. I'm even gonna be nice and let you see the ending pics without having to wallow through all the rest, just in case that's all you want.

When I first moved into this home, it was a great place to rent. But within a few months, the owners decided that they needed to sell. Because moving blows giant torches of magnacious fire, I (kicking and screaming) put an offer on it. I had lived there long enough to know what I liked and what I hated, but figured with a butt load bit of updating, I could really like it here. For some silly reason, I thought I could roll a bit of money into the loan to jump a decade or two on decorating, but single women barely getting by all by themselves don't seem to qualify for such things. So I ended up the desperate proud owner of a true nineties condo.
I maybe qualfed a few photos from the realtor listing to show you the lovely abode I moved into. Now, credit to my best friends Shanna and Kevin who returned this wall to its normal color before we moved in, thank heavens! The carpet is the exact color that I put in my old house which we built the same year as this little lovely came to be. I LOVED it then, but now it seemed to bring shivers to my very soul every time I walked upon it.
This was a little sitting room right off the entry. It didn't take long to figure out that it was too small to hold any of my furniture, and I could put that puppy to better use if I enclosed it and made it an office. So last fall, I did just that. Here is my enclosed entry way. Don't you just LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Soooo much betta, if I do say so myself...
You will just have to stay tuned for when I actually get to hang my shelf, and put some bling on the chandelier and add a little Linda-ness. :)

I had actually painted most of the upstairs last fall. I had just a little bit of the kitchen left, but somehow wedding preparations took precedence to it getting finished, so for about 5 months not even the painting was finished. Part of the tile was ripped up in the entry way where we put in the new wall. We were in a real mess. If you didn't get an invite to my house during this time, now you know why... 

So here is the before pic of the kitchen. Not so bad, right? I think I could have lived with it, if it wasn't for the dark floor and backsplash. I really didn't think I would mind it, but I sure found myself hating it as time went by. The cabinets were a white-wash oak, which surely was outdated. But who can afford new kitchen cabinets, right?
Okay - enough said. Let's move on to the remodel. When my lovely childrens asked what I wanted for my bday, I did as any smart mother would do and said I didn't want them to buy me anything. I just wanted their time. Oh, hahahaha!, little did they know...
Here is sexy mama Cara painting the upper kitchen wall. You can see the ceiling half painted, as it stayed for those ever-so-long 5 months. We have some pretty good painters with Caramie the cutter-in-er and Brandon the paint pro. I can't believe I didn't get a pic of them painting above the stairs, it was quite the deal-y-oh! Oh, man these guys are my heroes!

So Matt knew what flooring I had picked out last year, but it was way expensive. After killing himself  helping his dad fix up his sis, Steph's home, he brought home a sample of flooring he thought I would like. Well if you know Matt, you know he has an eye for these things, he had found a great price, and then like any son-in-law running to be the favorite would do, he offered to do it. That was it right there. We were off like a dirty shirt and he donned his knew summer job as General Contractor!!

We started by painting the cabinets and adding a backsplash.

The guys started the floor demolition in the kitchen...

(This floor had more nails in it than the hardware store This pile of nails, staples and screws were from about a 6" square of floor. Made for some slow-goin, but you better believe we got it conquered!)

And the girls took care of the entry room tile demolition.

 So long green-go carpet!!! (said with a spanish, get the heck outta here, flair)
Somehow I don't have any pics of us putting in the new floor. My guess is that its because we seemed to get started on it in the evening a go into the wee hours of the morning for several nights. Only once did we get a call from the old folk neighborhood telling us
'This used to be such a quiet neighborhood"
Haha - we took care of that, now didn't we!! 

You'll have to come see this in real life. It's a grey-ish brown. Just my style - I love love love it too!

Have you ever painted a railing? 31 spindles with 4 sides each and 2 posts. A coat of primer and 2 coats of paint. Boy was that ever a fun job, but whattayathink? I'm in for a likin it! Here's the before and after so you can take your own vote:

 Well, that's about it. I can't thank my general contractor, Matt and project manager Caramie for all they did. All of the kids were sooooo great to chip in, and I think they still love me spite it all. The Toyn's (Janice and Kevin) spent some long nights and days as well and Todd helped out too. I could never ever ever have done it without this great family. It will come back in pay off with the well being of a happy mother (in contrast to what I was becoming). Love you all so much. And for the rest of ya all, stay tuned while all those pinterest pins come to fruition. I better get started now - love ya all!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy 30th Birthday Bridget Maye Bergeson Goldsberry!!

 So I really just wanted to tell you how much I love you! I tried forever to get my scanner to work, but instead we just get these really poor pictures of pictures. So use your imagination and 
You weren't scared of the real Santa!

You're hair always look like it was never done, but it was! It just wouldn't stay that way!

Not sure what's going on here. This sweater was one of your favorites!

Happy Birthday everyone! Bridge, these were your favorite of all favorite pants.

On the back of this pic you wrote 'Bridget at Disnyland on the Merry-Go-Round UGLY'

So Teddy Bear 90's! Haha!


Friday, July 29, 2011

Put away your hazmat shoes!

Caramie and Matt may just be the biggest of the year!

You see, we just moved into a new abode. The main bathroom in that otherwise lovely abode, happened to have c.a.r.p.e.t on the floor. In the bathroom? Really? Don’t think too hard about it, it may make you hurl a lil upchuck.

Now, I can't say much about the gold loveliness, seeing how I had it in my bathroom in the old house too. And get this, we paid extra for that loveliness back in the 90's. It's funny how styles change. How long til we're covering up our new look?
Look closely at the loveliness of the carpet. I know you wish it was in your bathroom too.
And here it is now. You just go right ahead and put those hazmat shoes back in the closet cus we've got ourselves some lovely tile. Matt did a fantastic job. I knew he would because he is such a perfectionist. Well, credit where credit is due needs to add Caramie's name to the project. She is the chief manager of every step.
Painted cabinets. And how much do you love the new oil rubbed bronze trim.
I must get a better picture of the light fixture in the day so you can see how dang cute it is. It's amazing what a can of spray paint can do. They framed the mirror too. Yummers!

Welcome to this century, my lovely room. Many happy poops ahead!